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Christ Church of Oak Brook

Christ Church has benefitted from many years of strong leadership, teaching and worship and recognized the way they communicated needed to catch up with the church’s vision. They were reaching new types of people and needed to communicate in new ways.

We collaborated with senior leadership, learned from their congregation and staff and developed a new brand strategy moving forward that included a new logo, website and recommendations to help prioritize what is communicated when.

“At Christ Church, we all agreed that we needed a much better website. What we weren’t so sure of is what the new site should say and do. Enter the amazing team at AspireOne. These people helped us put vivid words and pictures around who we are and the values we seek to present to the world. They listened deeply to our frustrations and desires and crafted a website that addressed them beautifully. They gave us the public face-lift and the practical ministry tools to move us forward into our next season of impact. If you’re looking for someone to help with YOUR communication needs, I couldn’t recommend AspireOne more highly.”

-Daniel Meyer, Senior Pastor