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Christ’s Church

Christ’s Church is not your ordinary church. The pastor is young—edgy on the outside some might say when they see his gauges and tattoos. But his teaching is deeply rooted in traditional scripture. With his huge heart for reaching people far from God, anyone who’s stepped through the doors of Christ’s Church knows when they say the doors are wide open to people of all backgrounds, they mean it.

Unfortunately, the church had outgrown their previous website. They just launched their second campus and had plans to add more. They needed something that also reflected their unconventional style, as well as the four core values everything is based upon: Know, Grow, Sow,
& Go.

The name and logo were adjusted to be less focused on a specific location, and we incorporated a unique vertical architecture to reflect this church was anything but typical. The images serve not only as navigation, but a way to get a taste of the church. Rolling over any image converts it from black and white to color.

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