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Invisible People

Mark Horvath, founder of Invisible People has a huge heart to help the homeless. Using his talents behind a television camera, Mark shares the stories of homelessness in the way they were meant to be told—raw, unedited and unfiltered in the hopes of making the invisible visible so people can stand up and make a difference. (Read more about the vision behind Invisible People here)

Mark partnered with our team to develop a new logo and website that reflects the rawness of their stories but also gave him the ability to update these stories in the field in an instant.

WordPress is Mark’s canvas so we created a custom theme from scratch that highlights videos of people telling their stories and made it easy for others to engage in the conversation through comments and social sharing tools.

“Often someone creative has a hard time conveying their vision because they are too close to it. I also work a full time job at a homeless shelter and do all this in my “spare” time. Point is Dawn and Keith were a pleasure to work with. Even when I would kick back a concept in my whacked ‘hardly normal’ way they stayed right with me. They even allowed me to push them a little, which the end result is amazing.

If you’re looking for a creative agency that actually listens to you and does beyond excellent work hire AspireOne. Thank you Dawn and Keith for helping me fight homelessness. You are AWESOME!”

– Mark Horvath, Founder (More of Mark’s thoughts on the process can be found here)