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Kids On Mission

Kids On Mission provides resources and tools to help light fires in the hearts of children about missions locally and around the world. The problem is, not many know about it. Our team partnered with IMB and Cooke Pictures to reposition the resource, extend the brand and redesign the website to expand their audience. This included:

  • Creating a line of “kid characters” and tools that were custom-illustrated to reflect the unique, kid-focused personality of the brand
  • New package design for the resources
  • Researching the needs of current and potential audiences to extend the ministry’s reach
  • Redesigning the look/feel and user-experience of the Kids On Mission website so it’s easier for people to subscribe

“I wanted to make sure you knew that you have been really important to our work at IMB over the years and specifically this year. You may never know the impact that the work you do has on our work. Suffice it to say, you have had a part in impacting everything from human needs projects like Syrian Refugee work to relief efforts in the Philippines. You have also been key partners in other projects that makes sure our stateside churches know what God is doing in a powerful and mighty way across the globe. I know that sounds like “corporate speak,” it is not.  It comes from the heart. Thank you.”

-Craig R. Martin
Managing Director
Global Communication Team—Richmond/Americas