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“I wrote the book on branding, but when I need to create a branding strategy for one of my clients, I always turn to Dawn Baldwin with AspireOne.  She has a remarkable ability for guiding leaders in positioning their organizations for success.”

 – Phil Cooke, Founder of Cooke Pictures, and author of “One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do.”

“The people behind AspireOne are the real deal. For nearly two decades, they’ve been coming alongside churches and ministries with the passion and perspective to make pixels and paper dance. They understand the intersection of big vision, limited resource, and creative possibility. If you aspire for more, it may be time to AspireOne.”

– Brad Abare, Founder
Center for Church Communications

“AspireOne has served us as a force multiplier in so many ways. The re-branding process was probably one of the most helpful experiences we went through. It’s shaped and supported almost everything we do and really helped bring our ministry operations together into a cohesive, unified heartbeat (unique expression, shared values). An unexpected byproduct of the whole process was that it actually served as a team-builder for our staff. Didn’t see that coming.”

-Kem Meyer, Communications Director; Senior Management Team
Granger Community Church

“The AspireOne team has been an incredible help to our church. We searched carefully for the right partnership to help us clarify and communicate who we are to our community, and these guys brought the goods. Dawn personally walked us through the process of understanding our own culture, strengths, and uniquenesses, and gave us the tools to effectively share our story with the people we’re trying to reach.  Then something magical happened: we got traction as a church and started reaching people faster than ever. We still refer back regularly to the resources that we developed together, staying focused on our vision, mission, and values. And our website continues to help us connect with lots of new people even before we meet them personally.  Thanks guys!”

-Gabe Kolstad, Lead Pastor
Westside Community Church

“AspireOne has exceeded all of our expectations! They truly listened and focused on our needs, creating a unique website that fits us perfectly.”

-Kevin McIntire, Worship Arts Pastor
Countyline Christian Church