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Working with ministries and cause-focused organizations for almost 20 years has taught us a few things and we’d love to share our network and experience with you. We can point you in the right direction, draw the map or drive you to your destination with expertise in the following areas:

  • Brand strategy development (Who are we today, who do we serve & how do we tell our story?)
  • Multi-site and global communication strategies
  • Building a communications team
  • Establishing communication priorities (What gets talked about when & where?)
  • Team development workshops in brand, social and mobile strategies
  • Name and identity development
  • Experience alignment (How do we live out our vision every day?)


If you have a team in place and could really use a sounding board or a little guidance, we’d be happy to help develop your leaders.


Once a plan is in place, bringing ideas to life make our hearts beat fast. Our team is skilled in translating strategies into solutions that work. Here are a few of our favorite things:
(Highlight reel can be found here)

Whether you’re looking to change your name, develop a new logo or both our team of seasoned pros can help walk you through the process as well as a plan to help roll it out. Check out some identities we’ve created here

Whether you need a spark of creativity or consistency to your materials, we’re happy to help. From business cards to brochures, conference marketing or capital campaigns, we’ve got you covered. Some fun examples can be found here

Effective websites are more than just brochureware. So let’s stop asking, “what are we trying to say” and instead decide what we want people to do when they arrive. This means understanding your audience as well as your business goals to ensure the experience is intuitive. Making sure it “feels” like your organization and designing an experience that reflects your vision, because a cookie cutter solution just isn’t enough anymore. (And of course, the content reads seamlessly across all platforms, whether it’s desktop, tablet or the next iVention. We ensure your site is optimized for the most important screen your audience is viewing in that moment… Theirs.) A quick sampling of sites can be found here

Over half of Americans use their smart phones to access search engines at least once a day and by 2015, 81% of US cell users are expected to have smart phones. Is your organization ready? We can help convert your current website so its optimized for those on the go. (Tablet, iPhone, Android and everything in-between)

Partners in Crime

To ensure we don’t become a jack of all trades but a master of none, we’ve found it’s good to get a little help from friends.

Media Player
Have great media that you’d love to organize, archive and allow people to share with their friends? AspireOne Media has a great plug ‘n play solution that is customizable and works with your current website. Feel free to learn more here.

Looking to engage your audience in new ways? Our sister company Jarbyco is happy to help. Whether it’s live Q&A at your next event, integrated text-to-pledge campaigns or knowing you can stay connected with your group on the go, we’ll ensure everything works together seamlessly.

Broadcast & Production
We love to work with the best in the biz & our friends at Cooke Pictures are world-class when it comes to short films, promo spots, commercials or even assessing your internal team to help them do what they do better.