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The Crossing

Located in southern California, this church is passionate about reaching people who are actively saying no to God and serving those in need. They needed a new website that reflected their vision of “no perfect people allowed,” highlights their social media efforts and made it easy for people to take their next steps.

Our team also assisted in launching a Spanish version of the church’s website to serve The Crossing’s growing Hispanic population

“The Crossing Church has been working with AspireOne since 2009. We consider AspireOne more than just a vendor, they are our partner in ministry. They took the time to understand the culture and mission of our church, and were able to translate that into a website that truly reflects who we are as church. It is not uncommon for us to hear from new attenders that they came on a Sunday because of what they saw on our website. Since the initial website development, AspireOne has continued to partner with us, helping us to integrate the web and other tools with our church-wide initiatives. This has allowed us to extend our message beyond just the weekend services and into a daily experience for our congregation. There are a lot of places you can go to get a website. But if you are looking for a partner in your ministry that can creatively help you reach people, then go with AspireOne.”

– Dale Winson, Executive Pastor of Operations